Hello all! I teach grade 11 and 12 English, and as you may know/remember from your own experience, the day before Christmas (and spring break) is a wash; my 12's have their grad sleepover tonight too, so I only expect half of them tomorrow. I don't want to show a movie like the majority of the other teachers in my school, so I have a plan. I have gotten permission to buy a shit-ton of candy, treats, coffee and tea*, and i'm going to have stations like in primary grades. I am going to have a poetry station, a collaborative creative writing station, but my ideas stop there. I thought about some kind of fun grammar, but I don't know what.

Do you ladies and gents have any suggestions? ANYTHING english-related. What would you have been actually excited to do in class? I think I may do a slam-poetry station too.

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated! Now, i'm headed to supervise their sleepover until the middle of the night, thus necessitating the coffee tomorrow, so I won't be able to reply until tomorrow, thank you!

*I never fill my students with sugar and caffeine, this is a special occasion and i'm getting reimbursed, woohoo!